Chiropractic Adjustments and Exercise to Alleviate Pain

Staying healthy and managing chronic pain doesn't have to be a never-ending battle. There are no quick fixes, but Chiropractic care and corrective exercises is the most effective way to alleviate chronic pain.

For Sports Injuries, taking care of them before they become chronic is important. Many common problems such as overuse and postural imbalances can be corrected with the right treatment plan.

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Dr. John P. Scivoletto, Chiropractor & Athletic Trainer

These are just some of the services we provide:
Chiropractic Adjustments / Spinal manipulation
Joint Manipulation & Mobilization
Proprio-Neuro Facilitation
Active Muscle Manipulation
Myofascial Release
Neuromuscular Activation
Postural Assessments
Therapeutic Exercises
Electrical Stimulation
Ice Treatments
Customized Exercise Programs

Post Natal
-Rectus Diastases

Sports Injuries
- Tendonitis
- Runner’s Knee
- Shin Splints
- Repetitive and Overuse Injuries
- Tennis Elbow
- Wrist injuries
- Carpal Tunnel
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Foot Pain

Shoulder Injuries
- Rotator Cuff
- Frozen Shoulder

Injuries and Chronic Pain
Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
Herniated Disc
Knee Pain

Back / Neck Pain
Scoliosis Assessment